Tampa lights up with art projects: citywide mood ring, disco streetlamps

Tampa_mood_ring Now that we're through the holidays, it's time to gear up for the next extravaganza, the Super Bowl.

But even if you don't know a lineman from a leprechaun, host city Tampa has a reason to visit this month. It's literally lighting up with urban art projects that promise to transform the cityscape into a wonderland.

The juried displays for Lights On Tampa seem to have a �70s theme this year.

Artist Chris Doyle's Ecstatic City sounds like a scheme to turn Tampa into one giant disco. The artist plans to use mirrored balls to transform streetlights and other city infrastructure into a giant magic lantern. 

And artist Will Pappenheimer is building what he calls a Tampa Public Mood Ring, shown here. The temporary structure will stand on the top of a building and reveal the city's current psyche to the world.

Several more projects are planned.

Needless to say, Tampa visitors will have plenty to talk about this month. The project, which begins January 10, promises to be as diverting as Hail Mary pass in the last seconds of the game.


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