Massage in a hammock? Amelia Island’s version of heaven

Heaven_in_a_hammock_amelia_islandAs January shuffles into February, some of us are getting tired of winter.

The cure? A beach, a spa, and a hammock.

Well pack your bags and head to Amelia Island, Florida, where you can get all three in one.

The "Heaven in a Hammock" massage at the Ritz-Carlton resort, presents the enticing idea of getting a massage while lazing away. It's said to be based on a traditional Mayan practice � not that the Mayans frequented northern Florida.

The masseuse works from below and above the hammock. And blogger Phyllis Steinberg makes it sound awfully relaxing.

"The benefits of "zero gravity" and massage unite as the hammock elongates the spine to create a sense of weightlessness and floating. This gives the body more flexibility as it moves in a rhythmic, rocking motion."

Since I've never met a hammock I didn't like, I'm sold, although the hour-long treatment isn't cheap. It runs $200.

What's your most memorable spa experience? Let us know in the comments section.


  1. Claire

    Was in Amelia Island last week visiting my boyfriend’s parents’. Had a chance to go over to The Ritz for a drink (strawberry martini is heaven), but also heard the spa there was closing temporarily due to the economy. Check out my blog to see post of Key West & Apalachicola.
    Hit up spa at Amelia Ritz fast!

    August 29, 2009 at 5:02 pm
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