Maui opens Hawaii’s longest zipline

Piiholo_ranch_zip_line Does dangling from a wire and sliding more than a half-mile while hanging 600 feet in the air sound like wonderful fun, or an advance form of torture?

I would have thought the latter until the day my wife signed up our family for a zipline adventure in Belize. We climbed platforms and slid from tree to tree in the jungle. After I got over the screaming, I realized it was great fun.

That experience makes me excited to learn about Hawaii's new zip line course in Upcountry Maui. It touts itself as the longest zipline in the Aloha state.

The course includes five runs, including a 2,800 long slide while suspended as high as a 60-story building. At times, you'll be moving at 40 miles an hour.

The adventure starts even before you step into a harness. The walk from the parking lot crosses a 317-foot suspension bridge. Then the fun begins.

As the company, Piiholo Ranch, breathlessly puts it: "Zipliners soar over a beautiful forest canopy, including koa, ohi`a, halapepe and kukui trees, while taking in bi-coastal views and the grandeur of Haleakala summit."

Thrills don't come cheap though. A five-line adventure, which lasts three hours, runs $190.


  1. Maui Zipline

    We used a zipline to send supplies across a gulch to our pig farm when I was a kid. After the supplies we would hang on to the hook and zip across also (about 20 ft high) with no harness. Never thought you could make money doing it. LOL!

    November 19, 2011 at 11:51 pm

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