Savannah celebrates St. Patrick’s in style

Perhaps I should have known this all along. But it was only last year that I came to truly appreciate how much Savannah loves St. Patrick's Day.

The southern city puts on a huge parade, and a party that lasts all night.

Last year, the party was interrupted by storms that left most the city without power. But from what I could tell the parties continued. although the music wasn't quite as amplified.

I bring it up now because St. Patty's is soon upon us. The parade runs on Tuesday March 17, which is basically a municipal holiday honoring the second largest St. Patrick's parade in the nation. Fountains will run green, marching bands will strut down the street, and the city should be in full spring flower.

Even, if you can't make it this year, you may love a new book, St. Patrick's Day in Savannah. Packed with pictures, it also points out that the St. Patrick's tradition dates to the early 1800s, and was fueled by the large Irish immigration to a busy port city. Now the party's fueled by spring break revelers.

I'd don't think that's why my teenage son's suddenly interested in attending the Savannah College of Art and Design. But I bet if he attends, St. Patrick's will soon be his favorite holiday.

Do you have a St. Patty's parade story? Share it in the comments below.



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