Darien, Georgia, blesses its fleet — and its party

April 8, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

Darien, Georgia, honors a centuries-old European tradition this month, with an annual blessing of its shrimping fleet.

There will be prayers and a memorial wreath, but don’t think for second this is a solemn religious occasion. More like an excuse for a party.

Beginning Friday March 27 and lasting through Sunday Marxh 29, the small town, 80 miles north of Jacksonville, Florida, puts on a show. There’s a shrimp-eating contest, a shrimp-box derby race, parades, helicopter rides, and concerts throughout the weekend. 

On Sunday, the town’s shrimp trawlers will float buy in a marine parade.  After a blessing and an awards ceremony, the real work of shrimping begins.

Below, Elvis apparently lives on a shimping trawler. Photo: City of Dairen

Blessing of the Fleet Darien


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