Cuba Libre?

April 14, 2009 | By | Comments (1)


Three guesses where this beach is: the Bahamas? Jamaica? the Mayan Riviera? 

Those are good guesses, but they're wrong. The beach belongs to Cuba – as do many of the Caribbean's most beautiful beaches. From the looks of Obama's decision to ease travel restrictions to the island, we just may get to see some of those beaches in our lifetime. 

No, the Administration's decision does not make it possible for any American to visit the land of Castro – just Cuban-Americans who have relatives that live there (in addition to those already permitted to enter Cuba, such as students and journalists). But while Obama's plan will not make it easier to purchase cigars anytime soon since it does not lift the trade embargo, the decision certainly represents a sea change in America's Cuba policy. (Check out NPR's coverage of Obama's plan here.)

In the meantime, how about a Cuba Libre? Nothing like the first few days of warm weather to trigger a hankering for the sweet, refreshing cocktail…



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