Take a nostalgic road trip on the San Diego stage

August 20, 2009 | By | Comments (0)


Just in time for our Road Trip package, San Diego’s illustrious Lamb’s Players Theater is mounting a stage production devoted to the American ritual.

While our magazine piece focuses on drives with incredible coastal scenery, the play, Leaving Iowa, is more of a journey of the spirit, as an adult newspaper columnist returns home on a last trip to honor his father. Sounds pretty heavy, but much of the play is built around a childhood road trip – one taken in the days before mini vans, mobile satellite TV, and in-car DVD players.

Back then, the only scenery was, well, the scenery.  As hours passed, the world blurred by the back window, and the only entertainment was fighting with your siblings, and watching your Dad negotiate highway interchanges at 70 mph.

Reviews for the play have been uniformly good. So if you’re anywhere near Southern California, it’s worth road tripping down to Coronado, to catch a production.





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