Sailor Chic in NYC

August 21, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

For those of us who don't live at the beach, it comes as a huge relief to know we don't have to go to the coast to find coastal style. Take these spots in the lower west side of Manhattan, Harbour Restaurant in Soho and the Maritime Hotel in the West Village.


From its porthole mirrors to its boat-like banquette, Harbour, at the corner of Hudson and Spring, embraces everything we love about ship-shape style: refined elegance with clean but classic lines. I'm also digging that crisp white upholstery and those chrome table bases - it's so yacht chic! And the restaurant cooks with "blue" (read: with our oceans' health in mind) principles to boot – their menu features many a dish prepared with sustainable seafood. Jump on board here!

Maritime hotel    Maritime2

As for overnights, why not check into the Maritime Hotel, at the corner of 9th Ave and 16th Street? The porthole windows offer surprisingly broad views of the city and, of course, we can't get enough that deep blue. Dive in here!


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