Mad Hectic Oatmeal

February 3, 2010 | By | Comments (3)

Look what's on my desk today: Mad Hectic Oatmeal. Describes my mornings, too. Kids sometimes wearing matching clothes, fed so their brain cells can absorb the lesson de jour. Does the dog have food and water or more importantly, did we let her out? Trouble is I can't dive into breakfast that early in the morning so I often land at my desk in the morning with nothing but a few vitamins in my belly. Hunger strikes and there's nothing easier and quicker than oatmeal. The national brands we all know are fine, but this Mad Hectic Oatmeal stands out. Loaded with protein, fiber, Omega-3's and most importantly really fine flavor. Almond Pecan is a traditional tasting instant oatmeal with nuts for crunch, flavor, and nutrition. The French Chocolate is a novelty–the bits of chocolate pieces melt so the whole mixture is brown and chocolatey. I like it late in the afternoon when I need something sweet.



  1. Ruta

    Even though it is organic, it is still way over-processed “instant” oatmeal. Better take oat groats, soak overnight in water with a tablespoon of vinegar (to eliminate phytates which keep you from absorbing minerals in the oats), rinse and bake in twice the milk (1 cup oat groats, 2 cups milk) at 200 degrees F for 2 hours. Refrigerate. You’ve made yourself enough “instant” oatmeal to eat for a week. Just microwave a small amount with equivalent milk. Add sunflower seeds, blueberries, raspberries and brown sugar. Mm-mm good!

    February 5, 2010 at 12:06 pm
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