SeaPak Popcorn Fish

October 21, 2010 | By | Comments (0)

Pollock. It's not a fish you are going to see in your seafood market because most of it winds up in fish and chips, frozen fish sticks, and surimi (faux crab). But, it's a good choice for eating because it's got nice mild flavor and is sustainable (like all fish, numbers are down but still a good choice).

SeaPak is making a new seafood product, Popcorn Fish.Popcorn fish
I like them but it's my daughter who wolfs them down like in that appliance commercial where the vacuum cleaner sucks up golf balls. They were a big family hit. And, I made them in a pretty unique situation–primitive camping. They thawed a little in the cooler and I let them thaw completely on the picnic table. I put them in a nonstick skillet over medium low, then covered in foil to make my contraption as much like an oven as possible. Halfway through cooking, I turned them over. Yum. My kids ate them with ketchup but I liked mine with a little sweet Asian chili sauce.

I adore fish tacos and when I'm in a big hurry, one of my cheater ways is to use good frozen battered fish instead of frying my own. By good, I mean real whole fish fillets, not minced, chopped, or processed.  Next time I cheat, I'll try these. Click here for my favorite go-to fish taco recipe. Fish-tacos-cl-385986-l


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