Pet Corner: Finding the Right Sitter

November 4, 2011 | By | Comments (1)

PetCornerTraveling with your furry friend this holiday? Make sure pets get some TLC during the season’s craze with a sitter database that helps you find a qualified and trustworthy caretaker no matter your location. The Pet Sitter Locator from Pet Sitters International, or PSI, allows you to search more than 7,000 registered pet-sitting services located in every U.S. state by zip code, and helps you narrow your results by type of pet (anything from cats and dogs to caged and exotic animals). Unlike other search engines, the Pet Sitter Locator also helps you find sitters who offer specific services for special-needs pets (like those who need regular medication), grooming, or daily dog walks—which means you can feel a little less guilty about sitting down to your family’s Christmas dinner without Fido or Fluffy.

If the holidays have you traveling solo, forget about the kennel: PSI can help you find a sitter who will keep your pet and your home in good hands. In addition to the normal sitting services, most of PSI’s members will collect your mail and open and close your blinds to give your home a lived-in look while you’re away, and some offer errand-running services to help you keep up with responsibilities from afar. If you’re worried about leaving your pet alone for too long, quell your anxiety and opt for an overnight sitter—and because these are professional, registered pet sitters, almost all are insured to cover you both in case of accidental damage to your home. To search for a pet sitter in your area, visit

 –Megan Baker



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