Sponsored Post: Dive Into Kohler’s Sleek Style

September 12, 2012 | By | Comments (3)

Melanie Tydrich, Kohler

Now you can capture Kohler’s bold look in your home! We caught up with Kohler’s Marketing and Interior Design gurus and discussed everything from generators to color palettes.

Q: I have a small home, but live in an area that experiences frequent power outages. What kind of generator would you recommend I invest in?

A standby generator is one of the best investments you can make for your coastal home to protect your home and belongings from power outages even when you’re not there. A Kohler certified dealer can evaluate your power needs and requirements to help you choose the correct generator size for your home and family. Our most popular unit, a Kohler 20kW RESA model automatically restores power in as little as 10 seconds when the transfer switch immediately and safely reassigns power from the utility lines to the generator, limiting your worry of preventable property damage and the inconvenience from losing power. To learn more about Kohler standby generators or find the nearest dealer, visit www.kohlersmartpower.com.

Melanie Tydrich, Senior Channel Manager of Residential Generator Products at Kohler Co

Q: I’m re-doing my master bath and want to make it look as sleek as possible. What are some new products I should incorporate?

There are a couple of simple ways to refresh and re-invigorate your space. Kohler offers a sleek and simple shower system called HydroRail. This product will allow you to upgrade your current showerhead to a high performance rain head, as well as a hand shower on an easy to use slide bar, without taking down any walls in the shower. Kohler’s StereoStik speaker system is also a great item to inject some new technology into your space. Stereostik offers a quick and painless installation to the sides of an existing medicine cabinet. The speakers offer AM/FM radio where you can set your 3 favorite stations, and better yet, an auxiliary plug in for any smart phone, iPod or MP3 player. It’s a straight forward, space saving option to incorporate music and excitement into your every day routine. For the vanity, I love using the Whist undercounter glass sink. Its price point affordability and 4 color options make the sink a fun and smart way to give your vanity a fast and quick overhaul.

Travis Rotelli, Interior Designer at the Kohler Design Center

Q: I love color but despise clutter. How can I design a colorful kitchen without all the extra accessories?

One of the ways to infuse a room with color and not have it look cluttered is to stay within a closely related color palette.   Use many shades and tints of one primary color in the room.  Since your eye focuses first on color, then on form, you will feel a sense of order and lack of clutter, by the smooth transition from one object to another.

Another great idea for those who love color is using the entire room as your backdrop and only punctuate strategically with your favorite colors!   To create this backdrop, consider a very neutral, mid-tone color as the primary color. Next try to store as many appliances, utensils, misc objects out of view as possible.  Then introduce those dynamic punches of color as focal points as with artwork or soft furnishings which suit your mood or times of year.  

Diana Schrage, Interior Designer at the Kohler Design Center


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