Showhouse Q&A: Ginger Brewton

April 10, 2013 | By | Comments (3)


Charleston-based interior designer Ginger Brewton talks with us about designing in the Lowcountry and her source of inspiration for Coastal Living‘s 2013 Showhouse on Daniel Island.

Where have you taken inspiration from for this year’s Showhouse?
GB: I went through Pinterest, and everything I had pinned I went through and thought of what reminded me of “coastal”—what was light, fresh, and young, but also a bit more modern and transitional. Once I knew what the architecture was and the kitchen style, then I went through and pinned a lot of kitchen things—but also ideas for tiles, bathrooms, colors, fabrics, and patterns. I also went through fabric lines that I knew were more light and airy.

How would you define the Lowcountry aesthetic?
GB: I would say it’s traditional with a twist, like a modern classic. There are a lot of traditional aesthetics in Charleston, but then there’s definitely a younger, more modern feel that comes into play depending on what generation you’re in. It’s a good mix—definitely casual, but elegant feeling.

Which rooms were you most looking forward to designing for the Showhouse?
GB: The kitchen is always exciting… and the master. Those are always the selling points that people want to see, and get excited to see. I think those rooms are what make the biggest impact.

Does this year’s Showhouse have any unique challenges that you were excited to address?
GB: I would say [the biggest challenge was] meshing the very traditional architecture with a feeling that doesn’t make it too traditional or too contemporary with the interiors. I wanted to make it transitional with a modern, classic feeling that can apply to everybody.

Ginger’s favorite stores in Charleston:
Alexandra Ad, 156 King St., Charleston, SC; 843/722-4897
Acquisitions, 273 E. Bay St., Charleston, SC; 843/577-8004 or
Celadon, 1015 Johnnie Dodds Blvd., Mt. Pleasant, SC; 843/884-7005 or
17 South Antiques, 4 Avondale Ave., Charleston, SC; 843/225-4230
Antiques of South Windermere, 22 Windermere Blvd., Charleston, SC; 843/571-2755

Learn more about Ginger here.
Check out Ginger’s inspiration for the house on our Pinterest board.
—Erin McFarland


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