And our October book club pick is…

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Hi there, Beach Readers!

It’s clear that fall is among us: temps are dipping, pumpkins are filling supermarket shelves, mojitos on the sand are replaced with mugs of hot chocolate on back porches. If you’re still stuck in that end-of-summer gloom, however, we have the perfect read to satiate your desire for sunshine, palm trees, and turquoise seas; a novel that takes place in beautiful Miami, Florida.

SeaCreatures hc c - reduced size


Sea Creatures is the second book from author and South Florida native Susanna Daniel, following the acclaimed PEN/Bingham Prize-winning Stiltsvillewhich explores a love story and marriage over three decades in a rapidly changing Miami landscape. Her follow-up returns to the same South Florida location—in particular, the real-life community of Stiltsville over Biscayne Bay—to tell the story of Georgia and Graham, a couple in the throes of marital challenges who leave their home in the Midwest after a series of perceived failures leaves them wanting to start anew.

They head to Georgia’s hometown of Miami with their three-year-old son—who hasn’t spoken a word in two years–and take up residence in a dilapidated houseboat, where they start over in new jobs; Graham as a hurricane researcher, Georgia as an errand runner for a reclusive artist in the Stiltsville community. When she develops feelings for the artist, Georgia begins to question the health of her own life and marriage. If you’re not already hooked, throw in the fact that all of this takes place during the summer of 1992—just before Hurricane Andrew devastated the region.

We’re beyond excited to find out what happens to Georgia, and hope that you are, too! For more information on the novel and the author behind it, read our Q&A with Susanna here. And, if you’d like to read along with us, pick up a copy of Sea Creatures and follow along with this schedule:

For October 15: Part 1, Pages 1 – 78

For October 22: Part 2, Pages 79 – 174

For October 28: Parts 3 and 4, Pages 175 – end

If you’d like to discuss the book, don’t forget to mark your calendars for Monday, October 28, at 8 pm EST, when we’ll host a live Twitter chat with Susanna Daniel!

Happy beach reading!


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