Showhouse Selects: Eldorado Stone

April 3, 2014 | By | Comments (0)

     Beautiful outdoor spaces abound at the 2014 Showhouse in Coronado, California. Our brick and fire bowl sponsor, Eldorado Stone, makes two exquisite fire bowl designs where you can vote for which design you like best! Eldorado Stone’s products elevate quality design, and attainability, and will be showcased on the exterior of the Showhouse to accentuate the home’s rustic and coastal feel. With an extensive and authentic collection, Eldorado Stone prides itself on the believability of their products. They have been setting the bar for quality stone and brick for over forty years.

     Eldorado Stone’s passion emanates from the intersection of nature and design. Each piece of brick or stone, hand selected and painted by Eldorado artisans, provides a natural ambiance in the form of mossy greens, russet browns, golden ambers, or hints of rust. Searching through their collection of diverse textures and colors will broaden your imagination for design possibilities.

     Check out some of Eldorado Stone’s products, and see our fire pit contenders, by visiting our Facebook page. Be sure to vote for the fire bowl you would choose for your home!



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