Is This Your Favorite Outdoor Shower Ever?

June 15, 2015 | By | Comments (0)

By Homes Editor Ellen McGauley

In a meeting the other day, I happened to overhear another editor coronating something “her favorite outdoor shower ever.” Cue the scratch of the record as the music stops throughout Coastal Living offices, bring on the slightly suspicious stares: What shower? Where? I’ll be the judge of that, thought more than one of us.

See, being outdoor shower people, most of us found that to be a bold statement.


Blue outdoor shower with saloon-style swinging doors, striped shower curtains, and handsome sconces.

Photo: Dasha Wright

She pointed to this one, hot off the press in our July/August issue (hitting newsstands as we speak!). It’s the brainchild of two families who built a beach house to share in Watersound, Florida. With eight kids between them, this had to be one super high-performance retreat—hence the double outdoor shower with a handy laundry room for anything sandy squeezed smack in the middle. Brilliant.

There was plenty of agreement in the room that this was an A#1, first-class beach shower. What do you think? Though I love feeling of the sun on my back during a rinse at the shore, I adore the striped curtains, the blue siding, the sky-high ceilings, the swinging saloon-style doors, and those handsome sconces that light the way when beach days extend past dusk.

Here are a few more stunners that inspire, especially as the June temps heat up: outdoor shower slideshow.

Oh, and PS: about that record collection in our Coastal Living offices? It’s Coastal Living Radio, of course. Tune in all day, everyday… We do!


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