Summer House Style: the Beautiful Houses I Found in the Hamptons…

August 10, 2015 | By | Comments (3)

By Homes Editor Ellen McGauley

If you follow me on Instagram (@ellenmcgauley), you know I just got back from a whirlwind trip to the Hamptons—basically, the jackpot for summer home hunting. I hit every town from mild-mannered Quogue to retro-fab Montauk, artsy Amagansett to the shoppers’ paradises of Southampton and Sag Harbor. Dreamy shingled architecture and inspired home boutiques were everywhere I looked (and indeed I looked everywhere…). Of course, I snapped some pics to share. Here are a few of the houses I happened upon (mostly along morning bike rides) that made me weak in the knees and then some.

First up, one of the inns where I stayed… which was an architectural charmer all on its own:

Quogue Club, Hamptons

Street view of the Quogue Club


The recently renovated and historically lovely Quogue Club at Hallock House. Nothing like sitting out on this porch on an August evening after dark, with a cool  cocktail before bed.

The next morning, on a bike ride around the neighborhood, I found these…


A Hamptons cottage with windowboxes

Behind the garden gates…


…and fell in love. I’m usually not a sucker for symmetry, but this beauty gets me. White trim, window boxes, weathered cedar, and that pair of chimneys standing sentry on either side of the roof… yes, yes, lots of yes.


Cedar cottage in the Hamptons

Across the street from the beach


Dark cedar + hot pink + emerald green = I think I just found my new favorite summer palette. I’m certain the second-floor bedrooms feel like a good summer house should: woodsy and salty, with a creak under your feet.


Cute beach cottage in the Hamptons

A little bit hidden on the beach road


When I rode past this one, it wasn’t hydrangeas or lavender or even the lovely cottagey roofline that got me. Well, it was, but what I noticed was the front door was wide open, ushering sea breezes through that white screened door. That’s my kind of morning around the house…

Later, I hit the stunning town of Bellport further west along Long Island’s south shore. That’s where I found these two houses… and these two doors.


Front door colors

Just the right amount of sass


This one is proof that hot pink goes with everything: even a perfectly traditional house in town, conservatively dressed in white and cream. Take that.


Great front door colors

Wow with red


Then again, a red door and black shutters will always make for a handsome beach house. This cottage by the seashore can do no wrong.

Get more front door color ideas here.

For a look at even more inviting entryways, go here.


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