The 4 Prettiest Patterned Yoga Mats For Your Beach Yoga Practice

August 16, 2015 | By | Comments (3)

For some lucky yogis, practicing to the sound of the waves is a daily ritual. The rest of us have to rely on being able to close our eyes and envision ourselves there. Whichever category you fall into, these gorgeous patterned mats will brighten up your yoga practice from downward dog to savasana.

Photo by Erica Davis photography; Courtesy of Magic Carpet Yoga Mats

Photo by Erica Davis photography; Courtesy of Magic Carpet Yoga Mats

Traditional Magic Carpet Yoga Mat, $98;

patterned yoga mat mara hoffman

Courtesy of Manufacturer

Mara Hoffman Yoga Mat, $98,


Courtesy of Manufacturer

Gaiam Premium Marrakesh Yoga Mat (5mm), $30;

patterned yoga mat

Courtesy of Manufacturer

La Vie Boheme Yoga Savannah Yoga Mat, $86;

Ready for your own yoga retreat on the beach? Check out our five fabulous destinations, here. 

And here are 23 more great yoga getaways on the coast, right here.


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