Book Review: The French Beauty Solution

September 3, 2015 | By | Comments (2)

Looking for a good read? I just finished Mathilde Thomas’ (the founder of the skincare line Caudalie) book The French Beauty Solution. It gives insight into how beauty products are made and what your skin really needs and craves. One thing that I’m dying to try out from the book are Mathilde’s homemade recipes for masks–they are made from ingredients straight from the pantry. She also shares her grape detox for the skin, which I’m planning on doing at some point this fall, so stay tuned for a review on that to come!


French Beauty Solution

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The book also goes into detail on how French women view beauty–their approach to makeup, haircare, and skincare. They take a much more simplified approach than Americans, which I found refreshing, and also similar to how life is lived when you are at the beach. Great skincare products and minimal makeup that still helps you looked pulled together equals a more laid-back lifestyle on the coast. The French Beauty Solution, from $13


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