These Photos Make Us Fall In Love With Swamps

September 10, 2015 | By | Comments (0)

Photographer Alexandra Penney‘s new exhibit, Fractured Botanicals, at the Curator Gallery in New York City, showcases hauntingly beautiful photos of Southern swamps, captured just miles from the coast.

The black-and-white works are on display through October 21, and are grouped contrastingly with her collection of colorfully riotous flowers snapped at Chelsea Wholesale Flower Market and then digitally altered, like the eye-popping image below.

Botanical 8

We love how the contrast makes us rethink our automatic response to the beauty cues in nature, and how the gorgeously serene, hue-free images stir our souls (like the elegant, moss-draped vision below) as much as the opulent blossoms make us want to do a happy dance.

“People dismiss swamps but they can be magnificent,” Penney says. “The best are haunting yet elegant. They’re primeval but also have a noble character. For me, the quiet chaos is beautiful.”

Penney traveled throughout the South to capture scenes of “of ancient cypress trees and impenetrable mangroves,” including Stephen Foster State Park in Fargo, Georgia; Atchafalaya swamp near Lafayette, Louisiana; Okefenokee swamp near Folkston, Georgia; Corkscrew swamp near Naples, Florida; Big Cypress in Ochopee, Florida (which sits right next to remarkable Everglades National Park).


Alexandra Penney‘s work has also been shown in Berlin, Boston, Palm Beach, East Hampton, and Charleston. She is a past editor-in-chief of SELF magazine and created the Pink Ribbon now associated with Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Fractured Botanicals will be on view at The Curator Gallery, 520 West 23rd Street, New York, New York, Tuesdays through Saturdays, 11 – 6.


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