LIVE! in the Kitchen with Top Chef Nina Compton

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We’re going LIVE on Facebook at 8:15 EST tonight with Chef Nina Compton as she cooks a Gulf Coast-meets-Creole dinner at Fisher’s at Orange Beach Marina! Tune in here:

When an amazing New Orleans chef (by way of St. Lucia, Fontainebleau Miami Beach, and Top Chef) takes the helm at one of our favorite restaurants on the Gulf for one night, you know we’re showing up for the party. That party? It’s tonight at Fisher’s at Orange Beach Marina, and the guest chef is Nina Compton, the “nouvelle Creole” cuisine master and chef/owner of NOLA’s celebrated Compère Lapin.

The best part? We’re Going Live from the Kitchen!
We’re broadcasting LIVE from the kitchen at Fisher’s so you can see all the behind-the-scenes excitement!  Tune in at 8:15 pm EST tonight at to see Compton, Fisher’s executive chef and 2016 James Beard Award nominee Bill Briand, and the rest of Fisher’s talented staff cook up an amazing Gulf-meets-Creole feast.

See our rapid-fire Q&A with Compton, below:


On the Menu Tonight
After a cocktail hour with Compton, the 100 (or so) lucky diners will feast on:
Marinated Shrimp/Coconut Curry/Pickled Mango
Charred Octopus/Smoked Potatoes/Heirloom Tomatoes
Roasted Drum/ Pine Nut Gremolata
NY Striploin/English Peas/Carrots
Bolivan Chocolate Cake/ Passion Fruit Curd


The bar at Compere Lapin restaurant in New Orleans

The rustically chic Compère Lapin; Photo: Tracey Minkin

More About Compère Lapin
Nina Compton’s acclaimed restaurant in New Orleans’s Warehouse District is named after Compère Lapin—a mischievous rabbit in Caribbean folklore—the restaurant’s menu features Compton’s “nouvelle Creole” cuisine, marrying the flavors of her native St. Lucia with ingredients from the region, layering with her background in French and Italian cooking.


Fisher's Orange Beach upstairs

Fisher’s Beautiful Dining Room; Photo: Angie Mosier

More About Fisher’s Southern Grace Dinner Series
Compton is kicking off Fisher’s Southern Grace Dinner Series, which features a line-up of eight award-winning and celebrity chefs from across the South. Each chef will pair up with Fisher’s Executive Chef Bill Briand to create dinners that celebrate their culinary chops and the bounty of the Gulf Coast. Dinners include a pre-dinner cocktail hour with the chef, followed by a communal-seated dinner at 7:30. This year, a portion of the proceeds benefits Gravy, a wonderful print journal/podcast from the Southern Foodways Alliance that was named the James Beard Foundation’s Publication of the Year in 2015.


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