5 Ways to Reinvent Your Outdoor Living Space

May 26, 2016 | By | Comments (0)

With Memorial Day weekend in sight and summer just a month away, we’re ready to take parties outside! Here, the team at Belgard, one of our Hamptons Showhouse sponsors, shares five ways to improve your outdoor living spaces this season.

1. Revamp your outdoor kitchen.


Make grilling a team sport with an inviting outdoor kitchen. Paired with spacious grill stations and comfortable seating, Belgard’s stylish brick ovens foster a social atmosphere where your guests will want to linger, whether they’re playing sous chefs or simply enjoying the night air.

2. Create an around-the-campfire feel!


Gathering around the campfire has never been so comfortable. Belgard’s outdoor fireplaces and fire pits make marshmallow roasting (and memory making!) a breeze.

3. Treat your home to a dose of Old World style.

National hardscape manufacturer, Belgard Hardscapes, outdoor living projects in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Belgard’s Europe-inspired cobblestones create a classic look, but they’re sturdy enough to stand up to whatever set of wheels you prefer to cruise the beach on—though we’re a little partial to brightly colored bicycles and top-down convertibles!

4. Craft cozy outdoor nooks.


Create defined open-air rooms that are simultaneously cozy and breezy by adding walls to your outdoor living space. Parties on the patio, made easy!

5. Create the illusion of space. 


To make a small outdoor patio feel more spacious, use larger pavers, like Belgard’s Stones 2.0 and Lafitt Rustic Slab. They’re easy on the eyes and not so tough on bare feet.

Like what you see? Find more inspiration here with Belgard’s Idea Book or Belgard Design Studio!

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