16 Hot New Books to Read this Summer

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Photo: Getty

Looking for a hot summer read to take with you on your trip to the coast? Look no further than our Daily Catch Summer Book Picks!

the house of bradburyThe House of Bradbury by Nicole Meier

Mia Gladwell has lost everything: her debut novel was a bust, her fiancé has left her, and she’s living with her sister.  When she learns that the home of legendary author Ray Bradbury is for sale, she immediately wants to buy the strange old house, hoping that living there will bring her the inspiration she sorely lacks.  She soon finds herself caught between her needy ex, a pill-popping starlet, and her disapproving sister.  Not to mention, she begins receiving mysterious sketches from a stranger.  Her search for answers leads to discoveries about her own life in this insightful novel.


the beach houseBeach Town: A Novel by Mary Kay Andrews

In her search for a picture-perfect beach hideaway, Greer Hennessy, a movie location scout, finds Cypress Key, a small town in Florida.  With her career on the line, Greer does everything she can to make the movie happen, despite the objections of the town’s mayor, Eben Thibadeaux, a man she shares a strong attraction with.  With all the drama of a blockbuster film—including an ambitious director, the spoiled lead actor, a cast of locals, and a conniving ex-socialite—Cypress Key will be forever changed.  Greer is forced into tough decisions between love and her career and the town she’s come to care for in this perfect beach read.


one true lovesOne True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Emma Blair marries her high school sweetheart, Jesse, and they begin an adventurous life together. But that life is turned upside-down when Jesse disappears in a helicopter accident over the Pacific. Emma moves back home to put her life back together and a few years later she finds herself happily engaged to Sam. Shockingly, her husband returns and she’s torn between the two. Emma is forced to ask herself who really is her one true love.


lucidity projectThe Lucidity Project by Abbey Campbell Cook

Haunted by her depression, Max Dorigan joins “The Lucidity Program” after years of failed treatments and a failed suicide attempt.  The other people in the program are just as troubled as Max, although they claim to have psychic abilities and the ability to see ghosts.  They tell Max that she’s one of them.  The charismatic leader of the program, Dr. Micah McMoneagle, introduces a new alternative to talk therapy: shared dreams.  This novel is a magical and transformative journey to find the things holding them all back and to find who they really are.


normanWe’re All Damaged by Matthew Norman

Andy Carter’s life is falling apart: his wife left him for a handsome paramedic, he lost his job, he ruined his best friend’s wedding and now he’s living in a small New York apartment with a cat that’s not really his. When he heads back home to Omaha to visit his dying-grandfather, Andy is confronted by the people of his past. Seeing how the life he left behind has problems of its own and after meeting Daisy, the one person determined to help him, he may have a chance at not putting his old life back together but creating a new one.


You-Wont-You-Want-Me-Nora-Zelevansky-April-19Will You Won’t You Want Me by Nora Zelevansky

It’s 10 years after high school and Marjorie Plum is feeling like her best days are behind her. Life takes a new direction when there’s renewed interest from a childhood crush and the bickering with her boss turns into flirting, but Marjorie must decide which life to lead. With assistance from an 11-year-old tutee and her musician roommate, Marjorie discovers that it’s never too late to figure out who you’re supposed to be.


so close copySo Close 

by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus

In her efforts to make it out of her Florida trailer park, Amanda Beth Luker meets Tom Davis, a lawyer aiming to climb the political ladder, and his wife, Lindsay, an incredible woman that Amanda comes to look up to.  Enter Pax Westerbrook, a charming, wealthy, and troubled man with an interest in Amanda, one with the potential to make living her dream impossible.  Caught in the middle of a potential political scandal, Amanda will have to choose whether to risk everything she’s gained or let Davis’s moral indiscretions slide in this intriguing novel.


LeavingBlytheLeaving Blythe River by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Leaving Blythe River is the latest from coastal bestselling author, Catherine Ryan Hyde. Adventure abounds as seventeen-year-old Ethan sets out to find his father in the Blythe River National Wilderness. With the help of three locals, Ethan must come to terms with his father’s betrayal from long ago and discover strength and resilience within himself.


the girlsThe Girls by Emma Kline

Fans of The Virgin Suicides will love The Girls. Set in Northern California in the 1960s, lonely teen Evie Boyd is mesmerized by a group of girls in the park who seem free and careless. Soon she’s sucked into their aura of Suzanne, an older girl who pulls her  into the circle of a soon-to-be infamous cult. As Evie falls further and further into the allure of Suzanne and the need to be accepted, she finds herself coming closer and closer to unthinkable violence.


memoryThe Memory of Us by Camille Di Maio

As a young protestant woman in prewar Liverpool, Julianne Westcott has been living the life.  Her perfect life and family crumbles when she learns that she has a blind-and-deaf brother who’s been institutionalized since his birth. Visiting him in secret, Westcott meets and grows feelings for Kyle McCarthy, an Irish Catholic who hopes to become a priest. On the brink of war in her country and a battle within her own heart, Westcott must choose what path to take. Now twenty years later, her past has found her, can she face the consequences?


th-4Modern Lovers by Emma Straub

Elizabeth, Zoe, and Andrew are friends and used to be bandmates in college.  Together, they’ve watched each other grow up, start businesses and families, all while clinging to their youthful identities.  When their children grow up and start dating, their adult lives begin to fall apart.  They are forced to face the secrets they’ve been keeping together, including those about the fourth member of their band.  This humorous and insightful novel is about what it means to grow up and the ways in which a person’s passions never really leave, but evolve over time.


The After Party Jacket ArtThe After Party: A Novel by Anton DiSclafani

In the 1950s Houston social scene, Joan Fortier is at the top of the food chain. Her lifelong friend Cece is always by her side, even if that means neglecting her own family. Clad with glamour, socialites and debutante balls, The After Party explores the intense and complicated friendship of controversial Joan and loyal Cece and how that friendship is rattled by secrets, power struggles and loyalty that borders on obsession.


9781631520709_Perfect_416.inddThe Tolling of Mercedes Bell by Jennifer Dwight

In the midst of the 1980s, recently widowed Mercedes Bell meets Jack Soutane, a charismatic lawyer from San Francisco, through her work as a paralegal.  As Jack’s practice gets more and more successful, Mercedes begins to fall for him.  Caught up in calamity, Mercedes fights to survive and protect her daughter, facing the truth as she does so.  This suspenseful novel is about truth and courage and the quest for happiness with all the surprising places that quest might lead.


rich prettyRich and Pretty: A Novel by Rumaan Alam

Sarah and Lauren have been best friends for twenty years. They’ve experienced high school, college, first loves and first jobs together. Now in their thirties they don’t see each other as often and live opposite lives: Sarah works at a charity and is planning her wedding and Lauren is single, works at a publishing company and is unpredictable. Set in contemporary New York, Rich and Pretty explores the bond of friendship in adult life and what it really means to be best friends.


jaimeConquest by Jaime Boust

Before Brie Baggio settles down, she wants to experience life to the fullest and to her that means creating a sexual bucket list. Smart, sexy and full of pop culture references, Conquest follows Brie’s adventures before finding love and settling down and proves to be a love guide for the modern-day woman at the same time.


allsummerlongAll Summer Long by Dorothea Benton Frank

Olivia Ritchie, a prominent interior designer, and her English professor husband, Nicholas Seymour, are leaving the hustle and bustle of New York for a more simple life in Charleston, South Carolina. Unknown to Nick, Olivia’s client list is dwindling and so is their savings. Over one hot summer that ends up taking them around the globe, Nick and Olivia discover how life’s plans change and if money really can buy happiness.

All cover images courtesy of Sparkpoint Studio. 

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