5 Things You Need to Know When Choosing Beach House Windows and Doors

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Windows and doors are to your beach house what your big, floppy hat is to your beach day uniform: They offer protection from the elements, and, if you choose the right ones, major style. Here, the team at Marvin Windows and Doors (the team that outfitted our 2016 Hamptons Showhouse) shares their tips for choosing the best windows and doors for your beach house!

#1: Dream Big, Design Bigger

Use size to your advantage by playing with scale to create big, bold sightlines and design details that truly impress. Take cues from this year’s Showhouse, with its tall ceilings, expansive 8-foot doors and slim grill lines in the large windows to highlight the views. If you have to wash a few dishes, let it be in front of the oversized window in the home’s beachy kitchen, with graphic subway tiles that command attention in scale and color.

“Whether the style is contemporary or traditional, we’re seeing an increased desire for open, flexible spaces and lots of glass,” says Kris Hanson of Marvin Windows and Doors. “We make some of the largest casement and awning windows in the industry, helping to make a home’s unobstructed view the true showpiece.”

Coastal living 2016 Hamptons ShowHouse 272 Brik Kiln Ln, bridgehampton, ny bridgehampton/Sag Harbor

Photo: David A. Land

#2: Make a Statement with High Contrast

Though natural cedar shingles are a common sight in the Bridgehampton area, the 2016 Showhouse design team made an unexpected choice with white shingles, paying homage to the area’s agricultural heritage. Yet another surprise in store for guests as they pull up to this spectacular home? A stark contrast between the bright, white façade and expansive aluminum-clad windows and doors in a dark ebony shade.

“We loved the approach to the house, and that you see something really different as you drive down the street,” says builder Anthony Balducci of Touch of Grey, Inc. “That’s where the white and black contrast came into play.”

With an infinite number of custom colors available from Marvin Windows and Doors, no shade is off limits. Choose a bold cladding color in hues like Gunmetal, Bahama Brown or Copper, or request a custom color that’s as unique as your home. 

Photo: Lindsey Stone

Photo: Lindsey Stone

#3: Push Proverbial Design Limits

Inspire shock and awe (the good kind) from your guests by incorporating unexpected and quirky design elements that push the envelope when it comes to color, shape and pattern. The Showhouse’s bonus room with wallpaper by Meg Braff Designs on the angled walls and ceiling, and the surprising 3-window configuration with crisp, white trim to offset the daring tropical pattern is a case study in bold design. Consider driving your design limits even further with a custom-shaped window – like a round, oval or polygon – to help your summer getaway feel even more like a boutique hotel.

“At Marvin, all of our windows and doors are made-to-order,” says Hanson. “Many shapes are standard, but for those special, out-of-the-box projects, our Signature Services team can craft anything designers and homeowners can dream up.”

Coastal living 2016 Hamptons ShowHouse 272 Brik Kiln Ln, bridgehampton, ny bridgehampton/Sag Harbor

Photo: David A. Land

#4: Embrace the Outdoors

When summer is in full swing, you’ll want that warm breeze and tropical feel to follow you indoors and out. Capitalize on those long sunny days by super-sizing openings like patio doors to create one large, open space for entertaining. To create the best flow for your space, consider whether a scenic, sliding, or swinging door would best fit with your interior layout.

“We used sliding French doors from Marvin, so we achieve the look of a traditional French door, but we buy ourselves a little bit more furniture space on the floor, and we prevent the door from moving in the wind,” says architect Fred Throo. “We want to be living indoors and outdoors in the summertime, so the doors are often left open.”

When the window treatments are as breezy and fun as those in the Showhouse’s living room, you’ll be enjoying that outdoor feel as soon as you walk in.

Photo: David A. Land

Photo: David A. Land

#5: Cater to the Climate

For holiday havens like the Hamptons, inclement weather doesn’t just put a damper on your weekend getaway, it can cause serious damage to windows or doors that aren’t properly rated for impact resistance. Standard windows and doors can shatter easily if impacted by flying debris, and strong winds or driving rain could bring the outside in (but not in the way you’d like).

“The Coastal Living Showhouse is a summer house first and foremost, but we do have four seasons here,” says Throo. “The house is subject to winter and all the freeze-thaw cycles, so we have to use products that stand up to the elements.”

Impact-rated windows like Marvin’s Impact Zone (IZ) Certified StormPlus® Windows and Doors are specifically designed to stand up to wind, rain, temperature extremes, salt and sun – with a strong seal that helps keep you cool in the summer and toasty on a winter weekend.

Coastal living 2016 Hamptons ShowHouse 272 Brik Kiln Ln, bridgehampton, ny bridgehampton/Sag Harbor

Photo: David A. Land

Thanks for the window and door design secrets, Kris! For more beach house design tips and tricks: 


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