Hang 10: Links We’re Loving This Week (10/21)

October 21, 2016 | By | Comments (0)

Happy Friday! This Friday couldn’t have come soon enough; now that it’s here, we’ve got coastal-perfect products, fall travel ideas, tips on upping your happiness, and more for you to enjoy this weekend, whether you’re lounging by the water or wrapped up in a blanket with a warm mug of coffee.

Photo: Courtesy of Harbour Village Beach Club

Photo: Courtesy of Harbour Village Beach Club

1. This presidential election season has been stressful for all of us—escape from it all for a few days with a specially packaged beach vacation!

 2. “The beach is always a good idea.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

 3. No tricks here, just treats: These ideas will make your Halloween dinner shine.


4. Need a laugh this weekend? You’re almost guaranteed to get one from looking at these award-nominated photos of animals being their quirky, adorable selves.

 5. Drink your wine­—and decorate with the corks! These crafty cork ornaments are just what your Christmas tree needed.

Photo: Jordan Siemens/Getty Images

Photo: Jordan Siemens/Getty Images

6. Looking for an attitude adjustment? Health has 25 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be a Happier Person. While you’re self-improving, why not make a stop in one of the healthiest cities on the coast?

7. Weird news of the week: A man in Bermuda caught (and released!) a 14-pound lobster. Talk about the catch of a lifetime!

Photo: Paul Baggaley/Getty Images

Photo: Paul Baggaley/Getty Images

8. November will be here before you know it—check out the best places to travel next month and start planning now! Why not visit Saint Lucia, November’s island of the month?

9. Ease your way into baking season with these mini pies that you can make in a muffin tin!

Photo: haveseen/Getty Images

Photo: haveseen/Getty Images

10. Good news—voting for America’s Happiest Seaside Town 2017 has resumed! You’ve got eight days left to make the final pick. Vote now!


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